Sunrise Film Festival Screening: The Song and The Sorrow, plus a selection of short films @ The Lobster Factory

/Sunrise Film Festival Screening: The Song and The Sorrow, plus a selection of short films @ The Lobster Factory

Sunrise Film Festival Screening: The Song and The Sorrow, plus a selection of short films @ The Lobster Factory


MAY 11TH 2019

11.00AM – 5PM





Cianalas – Cianalas (key-an-a-lus) is a Scottish Gaelic word, meaning a sense of longing, or belonging to a place; often attributed to the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. Contrary to popular belief, the heart of the Hebrides is within its young people. Cianalas follows young musicians from the Isle of Lewis, as they show us what it really means to be a Scottish islander – and it’s in no way as behind or old fashioned as some may think.

Think of the Worst – Think of the Worst takes a peek at Guy’s everyday struggle with his mysterious ability. Whenever he wishes for good things to happen, the opposite of them happens. His weird habits to keep his ability under control leads to misunderstandings from people around him, and his ordered life is thrown into chaos.

One Sunny Day – On Ross’ 14th birthday, he wishes for a life-long dream: to watch the sunrise on a beach. This is a lofty aspiration for Ross, who suffers from Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP)—a genetic disorder that makes his skin intolerable to the sun’s ultraviolet light. That night, Ross meets a girl named Claire, who has just moved to town. After telling her about his dream, she advises him to “just go for it.” But shortly after leaving him, Claire researches Ross’ condition. Now realizing the severity of XP, she runs back to warn him not to go; but Ross has already left the house. Enlisting the help of Ross’ father, Michael, they set out hoping to find Ross before it’s too late.

Parallels – When the key to Joseph’s apartment no longer fits, the uncertainty takes over. Are the curtains of his windows replaced or is he in the wrong apartment building? He has a feeling that something is terribly wrong.

In the House of Paper flowers – In a house covered with papery flowers, a woman with white hair, two cats and a tiny wolf songstress learns a valuable lesson about the enduring power of love.



Burning Grief – Three sisters deal with grief in their own different ways during a journey to a heritage railway station.

Time Machinery – In the 1970’s, Hanna and Johan, her 9 year-old son gifted with a fertile imagination, are briefly trapped in an old elevator. Johan is convinced that the machine allows them to travel through time. Now, 40 years later, Hanna seems to believe it as well.

Traces – When her mother dies, Julie discovers that her father is not her real father. Her family references are shaken. She doesn’t know if she can still consider the person she thought was her father as such. Memories of her childhood are resurfacing. Troubled, she looks for answers. Are blood ties that important?

‘Chinese Angel’ in 2 Parts – “Chinese Angel” in two parts, directed by Mimi Garrard and featuring Dai Jian explores the concept of an angel in a contemporary way.

The Caterer’s Reckoning – When you have what you think is a singing hangover, you can be slow on the uptake. Just as Richard and Janice discover a dead body behind the sofa, the caterer arrives to collect the hired tables after the previous night’s party. Trying to keep the corpse a secret from the caterer and his strange little helpers becomes increasingly difficult until the penny drops.


The Song and the Sorrow

A film by Millefiore Clarkes, featuring Catherine MacLellan (Dedicated to the Memory and music of Gene MacLellan who penned some of the biggest hits of the 1970s, including “Snowbird” and “Put Your Hand in the Hand”)

Followed by Q&A Session with Millefiore Clarkes

Musician Catherine MacLellan—the daughter of Canadian singer/songwriting legend Gene MacLellan— grew up surrounded by her father’s music. He committed suicide when she was 14. Two decades after his loss, Catherine is finally ready to confront the hurtful mystery of her absent parent and embrace his musical legacy. The Song and the Sorrow follows Catherine as she journeys to understand her father and face her own struggles with mental illness. Through archival footage and intimate interviews with friends, family members, and musicians who knew and played with Gene—including Anne Murray, Lennie Gallant, and the late Ron Hynes—the film reveals a troubled and loving man who was never at ease with fame or money. Catherine is determined to lift the oppressive burden of silence that accompanies the stigma of mental illness and hopes that others can take strength and solace from her story.

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