Thinkers Lodge National Historic Site


National Historic Site

Designated a national historic site of Canada in 2008 because: in 1957, at the height of the Cold War, it was the site of the first Pugwash Conference on Science and World Affairs, bringing together top-level scientists to discuss the threat of nuclear weapons.


You can enjoy guided tours that offer insight into the history and significance of this historic site. The tours provide a fascinating look into the origins of the Pugwash Conferences and the important discussions that have taken place there.


Thinkers Lodge is not only a historic site but also serves as a unique venue for various events. The serene surroundings and the rich intellectual history of the location make it a special place for gatherings, conferences, and other occasions.

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A place for inspiration and refelction


The place of Thinkers’ Lodge on the world stage came out of the intersection of a wealthy businessman and philanthropist, Cyrus Eaton, and some of the most pressing issues of the era. Eaton purchased Thinkers’ Lodge and refurbished it as a summer inn, to revitalize the economy of the village of Pugwash, which had fallen on hard times in the 1920s. A visionary philanthropist, Eaton saw the isolated village of Pugwash as an ideal location for retreats for people from many walks of life to escape the pressures of their everyday work life, to relax and refocus.


In the 1950s, he began organizing and financing such gatherings with wide-ranging discussions, from the Suez situation to nuclear disarmament.

The Pugwash Conference was held at Thinkers’ Lodge in July 1957, a meeting of scientists from both sides of the Iron Curtain that encouraged dialogue and understanding between East and West on the uses of nuclear power for peace and not for war.