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Thinkers Lodge is the perfect place for your wedding or inspirational retreat.
With seven en-suite bedrooms in a peaceful, historic lodge overlooking the Northumberland coast, and a dining hall with a professional catering kitchen and seating capacity for 99, Thinkers Lodge can meet all the needs of your special event.

Wedding Testimonials

“You couldn’t ask for a more perfect place for a wedding, a thought that was echoed by our guests who came from near and far. With elegant and functional buildings, a stunning natural landscape, meaningful historic context and wonderful staff, this place is a gem. We are grateful to have gathered with our loved ones in such a special place.” – Angela and Stéphane
“The Thinker’s Lodge and Lobster Factory are what East Coast wedding dreams are made of. We were lucky enough to get married on the ocean front property on a beautiful August summer day. The freedom we felt to utilize the space as we wanted, allowed us to create the most perfect weekend. From hosting our rehearsal dinner on the back deck, to our wedding reception in the Lobster Factory, we really couldn’t have asked for a more ideal location.” – Jessica and Joey
See more photos of Jessica and Joey’s wedding at Thinkers Lodge at Caitlyn Colford Photography
“Rick and I can’t express with how happy we were with the lodge as our venue! Teresa was incredibly accommodating with accessing the Lobster Factory, and answering the millions of questions that we had about setting up tables, etcetera.  With the fireplace, tent heaters (which we used in our wedding tent), being cold wasn’t even an option for our guests! The string lights across the reception hall, modernized washrooms, easily accessible kitchen equipped with industrial stainless steel appliances were excellent for our caterers, and the rustic white washed walls in the main hall and incredible deck for dancing on following our reception were phenomenal and practically right on the beautiful ocean! We couldn’t have asked for a better location for our wedding ceremony and reception to take place as it was right on the water, and  the view, ambience and sounds of ocean waves splashing against the rocks made our special day a breathtaking experience!” – Lydia and Rick

Retreat Testimonials

“There are very few places in this world that can match the beauty, tranquility and inspiration of the Thinkers’ Lodge in Pugwash, Nova Scotia. It was the perfect location for our Annual General Meeting, with comfortable accommodations and welcoming atmosphere both within the historic lodge and in the surrounding countryside. The community of Pugwash and the small towns that dot the Northumberland Strait are well known for their artists, writers and musicians.  But beyond the beauty and the culture of the area, is the knowledge that within the Lodge, one is surrounded by history.  Now, at a time when world peace is yet a dream, in the 1950s Cyrus Eaton chose the Thinkers Lodge to bring great thinkers and world leaders together to strive for Peace.  It is a place to to reflect and to remember—The Thinkers Lodge continues to serve as a vehicle for peace and understanding on the global stage.”
     – Susan Tooke, Creative Nova Scotia Leadership Council
“As a teacher of memoir writing, I am always on the look-out for inspiring venues in which to hold my workshops and seminars. I have held events in historic Victorian-era homes, private city clubs, museums and book-lined writers’ federation offices. Thinkers Lodge, in beautiful Pugwash, Nova Scotia, is my favourite venue of all.
     Set on a point of land overlooking the majestic Northumberland Strait, Thinkers Lodge has stunning vistas all around the house. The westward ocean view from the library, particularly, can be dramatic. Even when the waters are still, there is much to look on. Herons, fishing in the shallows. Sea birds, circling high above. Immense cumulus clouds. Beckoning horizons. Red and purple sunsets, gold and pink sunrises. A crescent of a sandy beach to walk along.
     Best of all, visitors to Thinkers Lodge, a national historic site, are made to feel as though the lodge is their home. The sleeping rooms are comfortable and airy. The small but modern kitchen, which visitors are allowed to use, has everything you need to make meals and refreshments during your stay. The entire lodge is welcoming, as are the volunteer staff, who can readily answer questions about the lodge generally, and its fascinating history as a gathering place for world leaders during during the Cold War period of the 1950s. Much good was done in this lodge, to ensure world peace and prosperity. Visitors can consider extending this record of good action – by living mindfully and well.
     Thinkers Lodge is a national treasure and local and provincial delight. Don’t miss out on holding an event of any sort here – whether it’s a workshop, business meeting or personal milestone or celebration. The memories will last a lifetime.”
    – Marjorie Simmins, author, teacher and speaker
“Thinkers Lodge is an inspiring place to convene a meeting, workshop, or small event.  The serene setting is renowned for its ability to create a comfortable space for reflection and creativity.  Anyone who has watched the vibrant sunset over the waters, walked by the water’s edge deep in dialogue with a colleague or a new friend, woken to the fresh morning breeze, or shared a meal in the Lobster Factory will understand how it is that this setting literally helped to change the course of the Cold War.  There is power in coming to a place that makes one feel relaxed but not complacent in the face of the world’s wonders and magnificence.  It is impossible to come to Thinkers Lodge, to sit in rooms radiating with history, and to not be reminded that a few people working together with common purpose can have profound impact.  The light bouncing off the gold Nobel Peace Prize which rests at the heart of Thinkers Lodge urges all to “remember our humanity” and to “think in new ways”.
     – Sandy Butcher, Executive Director of Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs
“Thinkers Lodge is truly one of Nova Scotia’s greatest hidden gems. I discovered this remarkable, historic place in July 2010 whilst simultaneously attending an international peace conference and teaching a Graduate Education course on building peace in the classroom.  I remember feeling the air buzzing around me with a palatable, electric energy…the energy of the great thinkers and social change agents who had been there before me.  
     Thinkers Lodge is an ideal place to host small conferences, meetings, workshops or gatherings.  Set at the end of a quaint, rural village, surrounded by the tidal moods of the Northumberland Strait, the Lodge is an idyllic environment that fosters, inspires and encourages deep, meaningful dialogue.  
     Since 2011, I have had the privilege of teaching courses at Thinkers Lodge on peace to teachers, social workers, nurses, business people, and people in the military serving our country. Together we live, and learn communally in this beautiful, antique-filled, national historic site (with all the modern amenities) and we become part of the fabric of an international peace movement that was started right here in our back yard through the vision and legend of Cyrus Eaton.  It is a privilege to be part of this magical place.”
     – Sherida Sherry Hassanali, Founder and Director, Summer Peace Institute