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Thinkers Lodge Histories

Thinkers Lodge Histories is a collection of oral histories, current projects, and historical documents that chronicle both the men and women who attended Pugwash Conferences focusing on Nuclear Disarmament, Peace, and Education, and those behind the scenes that contributed to creating good will and trust through their hard work and kind spirits. Cyrus and Anne [...]

2019-07-17T16:53:40-03:00April 30th, 2015|Blog|

M.S. Swaminathan

On June 13th, M.S. Swaminathan appeared on the PBS Newshour. M.S. Swaminathan is considered the father of India's green revolution. He is a former President of the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs and attended the 2007 conference at Thinkers Lodge. Above is a photo taken at the Lobster Factory.

2016-11-09T10:32:59-04:00June 15th, 2013|Blog|

Global Zero

Watch the new video narrated by Michael Douglas and then sign the petition demanding Zero Nuclear Weapons by 2030.  [/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

2016-11-09T10:32:59-04:00March 7th, 2013|Blog|

Homes for the Holidays!

Don't miss this year's Homes for the Holidays fundraiser for Communities in Bloom at Thinkers Lodge on Saturday, December 8 from 1:00 to 5:00 PM.  Last year was a big hit and this year promises to be even better.  The theme is "Twas the Night before Christmas".

2016-11-09T10:32:59-04:00December 3rd, 2012|Blog|

What else happened in 1957?

In addition to the first Pugwash Conference, 1957 saw the launch of Sputnik, the creation of the European Common Market and 67 nations participated in the International Geophysical Year.  One outcome of this focus on earth science research was that C. David Keeling of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography began measuring carbon dioxide in the [...]

2016-11-09T10:32:59-04:00November 30th, 2012|Blog|

The New Peace

The World Peace Foundation has published a lecture by Mary Kaldor called The New Peace. The changes that came about in the interregnum between the end of the Cold War and the War on Terror came about because of pressure from civil society. In the aftermath of the 1989 revolutions, a whole new discourse of [...]

2012-11-29T15:01:35-04:00November 29th, 2012|Blog|

Rodin’s Birthday

Auguste Rodin was born on November 12, 1840.  For many years  his famous sculpture of The Thinker, for obvious reasons, was the symbol for Thinkers Lodge.  Today Google honored Rodin with a "Google Doodle."

2016-11-09T10:33:00-04:00November 12th, 2012|Blog|


Welcome to the new Thinkers Lodge Blog.  This is the place to go to find out what’s happening at Thinkers Lodge in Pugwash, Nova Scotia.  We will preview upcoming programs, provide updates on recently completed programs and write about the history of Thinkers Lodge.  We will also report on recent news and events relating to [...]

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