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In 2010 we began collecting memories from local citizens about Thinkers Lodge, the events that took place here and about Cyrus and Anne Eaton. We want to thank Vivian Godfree for locating the many Pugwashites with stories to tell.

From July 10-13 Mandy Jamieson, with the assistance of Adele Wick and Cathy Eaton, made recordings and took photos while more than 20 people shared stories and insights about heir own experiences.

We encourage you to return to the Thinkers Lodge Histories Website to check for new posts as we will update this section regularly with stories, audio clips, photos and even movies. Learn more about:

  • what it was like working to get the Lodge ready each year performing in musical skits in the Lobster Factory making the hooked rugs (that are still here) rescuing the contents of the Lodge during the fire of 1996, and a great deal more

Have something to share? Contact us with your own stories at info@thinkerslodge.org.

Check out the Thinkers Lodge Histories Website!