Summer Peace Institute Program

The Thinkers Lodge Peace Institute Program began in 2011.  That pilot program was taught by Professor and Program Director Sherida Hassanali in partnership with Saint Mary’s University.  The program is held on-site at Thinkers’ Lodge.

SMU students at Thinkers Lodge in 2012

Eight (8) Master of Education students, all (P-12 teachers) from Nova Scotia’s largest School Board, participated in and earned a half-credit (1/2) toward their degree. The program was an intensive five-day (5) immersion course entitled “Peace Education and Development: critical and transformative pedagogies for teachers”. Upon successful completion of the program, these students/teachers emerged as newly-anointed Thinkers’ Lodge “Scholars” who now serve as mentors and ambassadors for future participants/scholars of the program. The intent here is to create a network of scholars, committed to building peace, thereby keeping within the spirit of Maria Montessori, who believed that, “establishing peace is the work of educators”.

In 2011 Mount Saint Vincent became a partner and two separate Peace Institute Programs were held at the Lodge.  Recently Peaceful Schools International has joined our growing partnership. These programs have limited enrollment.

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