Thinkers Lodge Histories is a collection of oral histories, current projects, and historical documents that chronicle both the men and women who attended Pugwash Conferences focusing on Nuclear Disarmament, Peace, and Education, and those behind the scenes that contributed to creating good will and trust through their hard work and kind spirits.

Cyrus and Anne Eaton hosted these conferences.  Joseph Rotblat and the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Events received the Nobel Peace in 2005.  Cyrus Eaton was awarded the Lenin Peace Prize in 1961, and Cyrus and Anne were awarded the Canadian Federation Peace Award in 1979.  The Thinkers Lodge, now a National Historic Site, continues to host conferences and workshops that foster dialogue that lead to heartfelt listening, understanding of disparate views, and ideas to solve complex problems.  The serene setting on the Northumberland Straits invites all visitors to breathe deeply and find hope in possibilities.

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